USB IAP Problem - Not Working

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[COLOR=#1F497D]We need to implement USB-based IAP  (per the user manual, this is a built-in capability in this part)  We have tried every possible configuration to no avail. What I would like to see is a confirmed correct minimum schematic (or description thereof) that is guaranteed to work.  So far we have tried this with our custom board and a modified LPCxpresso board.[/COLOR]
  [COLOR=#1F497D] [/COLOR]
  [COLOR=#1F497D]LPCxpresso board:[/COLOR]
  [COLOR=#1F497D]With the debugger section connected and disconnected, with the pIO0.1 pin jumpered to ground with a  10k pulldown, and  PIO0.3 connected to USB cable V+ through a 50k resistor, and a 1.5k pullup on D+ to 3.3v when plugged in, the PC tried to enumerate and fails. [/COLOR]
  [COLOR=#1F497D]The LPCxpresso board seems to boot into user code (flash programmed with the “Blinky” example) with the LED blinking merrily away, so it seems the IAP rom doesn’t get executed. [/COLOR]
  [COLOR=#1F497D]Questions: [/COLOR]
  [COLOR=#1F497D]-[FONT=&quot]        [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#1F497D]Is there any special treatment of the reset line (besides a pullup resistor) that is need ? [/COLOR]
  [COLOR=#1F497D]-[FONT=&quot]        [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#1F497D]What is the timing from reset where the pIO0.1 and 0.3 pins are sampled? [/COLOR]
  [COLOR=#1F497D]-[FONT=&quot]        [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#1F497D]Are there any implications with IAP from having the SWD debug enabled and/or connected to a debug interface ?[/COLOR]
  [COLOR=#1F497D]-[FONT=&quot]        [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#1F497D]Does the IAP USB rom expect to control the USB connect line though a transistor, or will a simple pullup do? [/COLOR]
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  [COLOR=#1F497D]On our custom board we control the USB connect line though a transistor per the example in the user manual, but that doesn’t seem to help.  We have never enabled CRP of any kind.  I don’t believe the watchdog is enabled either. On our custom board, we are using CMSIS 1.3 with freeRTOS.  The LPCxpresso board is just running ‘blinky’.[/COLOR]
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  [COLOR=#1F497D]Any help would be greatly appreciated.[/COLOR]