Debugging problem with LPC Link 2

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Hi Community,

i'm starting to work with NXP. I developed a board which uses the LPC1763 as MCU. I use the LPCXpresso v7.6.2 to develop.
The Supply Voltage on the board is about 3V and if switched on, the LPC takes a current of 1.6mA.

As Debugger i use the LPC Link 2 which is as followed connected to the board:

Jumper 7           Pin on LPC
2 (TMS)             3 (TMS)
4 (TCK)             5 (TCK)
6 (TDO)             1 (TDO)
8 (TDI)               2 (TDI)
10 (Reset)          17 (Reset)

All Pins are connected to 10k Pull ups.

So my problem is if i try to debug (first time) i always get the following error:
RedlinkAPI: Hardware interface transfer error

I suggest that the LPC Link can't find the device because the server also says:
redlink>CoreConfig 1
Number of CORES/TAPs = 0, Fully recognized: True

So i tried different USB cabels and ports, Jumper 2 set (LPC Link 2 powers the device) and also a new MCU.
Because i never flashed the device i cannot imagine that i got any problems with CPR Modes or some system configs (PLL and so on).

Is it a problem that i don't have connected a main oscillator to the MCU?

Every kind of advice would be great.