CDC / MSD Composite Questions LPCxpresso 1343

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A Couple questions/comments:

1.)   It seems that the MSD does not work with Windows 7 64 bit.   Everything seems to enumerate correctly with Windows XP 32-bit (both CDC and MSD).  Working drivers, etc for Windows 7 64-bit would be great!

2.)  When I use Windows XP, it looks like the COM port is detected (COM25) but I get an error "Unable to Open COM25, Please check you port settings" when I try to open the port in HyperTerminal.  I tried different baud rates, etc and nothing seemed to work.   I am trying to do a loopback on the LPCxpresso board (TXD to RXD)

3.)   Does this forum support searching?  I could not find a search link.