Resetting LPCXpresso

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by wrighflyer on Wed Feb 24 07:44:10 MST 2010
I've just received LPCXpresso (1343) and can build/debug/download programs into it. But if I use the red square "Terminate" at the end of debugging (say I just used it solely to download the code and nothing more) the LPCXpresso/LPC-Link remain in a dormant state and the code on the target processor does not run. If on the right hand of the board I connect pin 4 (RST=Reset) to pin 1 (Gnd) then that presumably resets the target CPU but it still doesn't start to run the code that has been downloaded. I'm guessing it is held in reset by the LPC-Link, lefthand side of the board. Looking at the schematic for that it suggests the that the LPC3154 processor has it's own _Reset on pin 3 of J1 and Gnd is on pin 7 of that. But if I connect those two the LPC-Link (and LPC1343 target) STILL don't reset and let the target CPU run the code.

It seems, after using "debug XXXX" to download the code that the only way to get the system to let the target LPC1343 run out of _Reset is to actually unplug the USB cable all together and then plug it back in. At this stage the target code does run.

Can you confirm that there isn't simply a button hidden somewhere in the Code-Red IDE that simply does "reset target CPU"? I'm a bit leary about having to unplug/replug the USB every time simply to get the downloaded software to run (I know I can click the [Run] button in the debugger while that's still active of course)

Cliff Lawson