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I have a problem that i can't resolve, i hope you can help me.

  In LPCXpresso I have created a simple project to use CMSIS DSP  function on LPC1769 board. Here is my code:
q15_t test1[] = {-32768,32767,-32768,32767};
q15_t test2[] = {-1000,1000,-1000,1000};

q15_t tmp_output[4];

arm_mult_q15(test1, test2, tmp_output, 4u);

  However the execution fails with "UndefInstr" in the Faults register.  The faulty instruction is "smulbb" which appears to be missing on Cortex-M3.
I am disappointed since I have just follow the project creation wizard  to generate it and use DSPLIB_CM3 lib as it is provided by LPCXpresso.

  Could you say me if the LPC1769 support the CMSIS DSP features?
  And if somebody have already use DSPLIB_CM3 in LPCXpresso please send  me your feedback and advise.