Issues compiling for Release vs Debug

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by tss on Fri Aug 01 09:15:06 MST 2014
Hello everyone.

I'm trying to compile a project using LPCXpresso for Release, and I am getting a linker error because not all the code is getting compiled in Release, whereas it is on Debug.

Basically, I have code in {Project Dir}/driver/ that are all compiled during the "make all" phase when compiling for Debug.
When I compile for Release, the "make all" phase does not compile these files and therefore when it goes to compile my main program I get lots of linker errors for functions in those files that were skipped.

I have "Automatically generate makefiles" enabled, and checked the makefiles left behind in /Debug and /Release after running the compiles. I noticed that the Release makefile does not have the line "-include driver/subdir.mk" included, so I assume this is the issue.

I've gone over the build settings for Release and Debug several times, and can find nothing different (other than things you would expect, such as debug verbosity level) so I am not sure what is causing this line to be omitted from the automatically generated makefile for Release.

If anyone has any information for me on this, it'd be greatly appreciated!