Debug Source Line Mismatch

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by scs on Fri Sep 23 08:16:45 MST 2011
I'm using the free v4 IDE with the LPCXpresso 1769 board. All worked well with the demo projects. I've started building a more complex project with a number of sources and linking to two libraries (the USB stack and the EFSL).  That worked too, but today I added an additional C source and suddenly the debugger has started showing the wrong source file lines maybe half the time. It will start showing the correct source line, say line 940 and then as I step through the function it will show a completely different source line, in the same source file, say line 425. Then with additional steps it will intermittently switch back to the correct source line.  When viewing the disassmebly, the assembly looks like the right code but about half the source lines will  be wrong, showing line 940 followed by line 425 followed by 941 or something similar.  This is inside my own source files, not the libraries I'm linking to. And both libraries and my project are using Debug builds.  I've tried a clean rebuild, restarting the IDE, and a different LPCXpresso board, all with the same results. I've also tried commenting out the entire most recently added source files on the theory it was a size issue, but it still happens.  The project build shows text 17888, data 12, bss 4644 bytes, all decimal, so it should not be to large for the free version. Any ideas?