Slow emulator launch

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by briand on Sun Sep 05 12:18:09 MST 2010
I have lpcxpresso up and running and able to debug code with the lpc-link, but it takes forever (many minutes) to start each time I hit debug.  I understand it may take an extra minute or two the first time the lpc-link DFU needs to download firmware and re-initialize as an emulator, but I'm getting large delay (a minute or more) on "checking emulator" each time.  Actual debugging seems very slow too, semihosted messages print to the console at a speed that reminds me of 1200 baud modems days.  I checked USBView and noticed the lpc-link is always full speed, isn't it supposed to be high speed?  Besides the usual candidates (USB cable, different port) is there anything else I should try?