LPCOpen v2 and LPC11U35

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Hello all,

6-7 months ago I have used LPC11U35 quick start board from Embedded Artists with LPCOpen v1 to write code with an USB application.

Now, I have another hobby project and saw that LPCOpen v2 library came out; so I have downloaded it along with new LPCXpresso IDE.
However, I can see only examples for LPC11U14 and also there is no more porting guide to make support for a new board - which is something v1 had so I followed it and made it work.

What is the procedure in how to add relevant files for the v2 version and to make new board support package?
I can see things changed so I am not sure why was this important document/guide dropped.

So how to make LPCOpen v2 work?