Egit and LpcXpresso

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by micronpn on Mon May 23 10:26:41 MST 2011
I found that installing Egit in LpcXpresso as others IDEs based on Eclipse (this is a problem also fo Eclipse CDT Helios) doesn't work properly. More exactly creating a repository or accessing Window/Preferences/Team/Git/Configuration hangs up LpcXpresso/Eclipse. In other forums there are some suggestions to solve the problem that seems to be related only to Windows installations; some indicates the origin to the presence of cygwin on the path, some other reasons. From these solutins one that works for me is to append at the end og lpcxpresso.ini this line:

in my installation this is the root of git installation so you have to change with the correct one for yours. If you have any doubt you may search for gitconfig (that is present on your git root folder). This procedure for me work also for Eclipse (you have to modify eclipse.ini) and for Red Suite 3 (redsuite3nxp.ini).