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I have a program I copied from my old lpc2148 programs that uses the rtc values (HOUR, etc). The lpcxpresso gets this error "

/src/main.c:2636: error: 'MONTH' undeclared (first use in this function)"

In the includes folder I have the CMSISv1p30_LPC17XX/INC file which defines this register.   Can anybody tell me why it doesn't recognize this definition? I have that file checked in the program reference box. I also had the lpc17xx.h file in my inc folder and the src folder but this didn't help either.

here it is on the last line of the snippet of the lpc1768.h folder
/*------------- Real-Time Clock (RTC) ----------------------------------------*/
typedef struct
  __IO uint8_t  ILR;
       uint8_t  RESERVED0[7];
  __IO uint8_t  CCR;
       uint8_t  RESERVED1[3];
  __IO uint8_t  CIIR;
       uint8_t  RESERVED2[3];
  __IO uint8_t  AMR;
       uint8_t  RESERVED3[3];
  __I  uint32_t CTIME0;
  __I  uint32_t CTIME1;
  __I  uint32_t CTIME2;
  __IO uint8_t  SEC;
       uint8_t  RESERVED4[3];
  __IO uint8_t  MIN;
       uint8_t  RESERVED5[3];
  __IO uint8_t  HOUR;


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