Issues while program flash multiple device

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I am using a couple of lpc824 boards (OM13071).

I have connected them to a single pc and trying to flash program them by selecting the device from the connect to emulator pop up. Whichever device I select the same device is programmed again and again and not the other one by the GUI.

I tried coping the flash command from GUI and got this one

crt_emu_cm_redlink -flash-load-exec "C:\Users\elpk5\Documents\LPCXpresso_7.8.0_426\workspace\i2cTest\Debug\i2cTest.axf" -g -2  -vendor=NXP -pLPC824    -reset=vectreset -flash-driver=LPC800_32.cfx

Where this one is the same for whichever device I select. And this command doesnt specify anywhere that it selects the specific device.

I then moved to the command line and tried to select a particular device but unable to succeed as the hid seems to be similar for both the devices.

I tried using the wire command and tried copying the serial number of the devices but still the same device was programmed again and again. 

The command I used was

For one

f" -g -2  -vendor=NXP -pLPC824  --wire

For another
f" -g -2  -vendor=NXP -pLPC824  --wire \\?\hid#vid_0d28&pid_0204&mi_03#9&350bb73a&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}

Could you give me suggestions if I am making any mistake.
I want to connect both the devices to the same pc simultaneously and program them separately by selecting them individually.

I am attaching some of my screen shots.

Thanks in Advance.