How do the SPI driver bitfield macros work?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by justyn on Sat May 21 17:16:11 MST 2011
Hi all,

spi.h (and perhaps others) in the driver files (for the LPC111x at least) contains various macros like this:

#define SSPCR0_SCR      (0x1<<8)

I'm perfectly familiar with using notation like the above to set individual bit flags.

But SCR isn't a single bit flag, it is an 8-bit value  set in bits 15:8 of the CR0 register.

So since the macro resolves as 0x10 or 0b0000000100000000, how is it useful? Surely the macro needs to be 0xFF00, or perhaps:
#define SSPCR0_SCR(x)    (x<<8)
or something like that?

What am I missing?