LPC1225 & LPC Xpresso go crazy

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gabrieleDmdtek on Thu May 26 08:44:50 MST 2011
when i try debug with lpcXpresso in LPC1225/301 device the system goes in error like:
LPCXpresso says:[COLOR=Red]"Target Reported Errors Reason 15:Target error Commit Flash write: Et: Flash driver not ready"[/COLOR]
or when i enter in debug session succesfully, the code start in casual point and the debug doesn't work properly.
what can cause these problems?I state that I use a circuit that works well with the family lpc 111x.
can anyone help me?

i'm using LPCXpresso v3.6.3 [Build 317] [08/04/2011] CMSIS included in that version and Red Probe+ with LPC1225 /301 mounted in a custom board.