Problem with USBMSC_rom Example

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Sakphul on Mon May 30 13:47:53 MST 2011
I am trying to use the USB On-Chip Driver for MSC. I am using the example code from the example bundle:

After I build the code and plug in the USB cable the PC (Windows 7 x86) recognises a new Mass storage Device. The new Mass Storage Device is now listed in the Windows Explorer and the device manager. But i cannot open the Mass Storage Device. Windows Explorer tells me that is has a Size of 0 Bytes. It looks like the FAT area in the disimage.c example is broken. In My Project it looks like:

const unsigned char DiskImage[MSC_ImageSize] = {
Within Main this Data is moved from Flash to RAM:

for (n = 0; n < (1024*3); n++) {     /* Copy Initial Disk Image */
      Memory[n] = DiskImage[n];               /*   from Flash to RAM     */

  MscDevInfo.idVendor = USB_VENDOR_ID;
  MscDevInfo.idProduct = USB_PROD_ID;
  MscDevInfo.bcdDevice = USB_DEVICE;
  MscDevInfo.StrDescPtr = (uint32_t)&USB_StringDescriptor[0];
  MscDevInfo.MSCInquiryStr = (uint32_t)&InquiryStr[0];
  MscDevInfo.BlockSize = MSC_BlockSize;
  MscDevInfo.BlockCount = MSC_BlockCount;
  MscDevInfo.MemorySize = (1024*8);
  MscDevInfo.MSC_Read = MSC_MemoryRead;
  MscDevInfo.MSC_Write = MSC_MemoryWrite;

  DeviceInfo.DevDetailPtr = (uint32_t)&MscDevInfo;

  /* Enable Timer32_1, IOCON, and USBREG blocks */

  (*rom)->pUSBD->init_clk_pins();   /* Use pll and pin init function in rom */

  /* insert a delay between clk init and usb init */
  for (n = 0; n < 75; n++) {

  (*rom)->pUSBD->init(&DeviceInfo);  /* USB Initialization */
  init_msdstate();                     /* Initialize Storage state machine */
  (*rom)->pUSBD->connect(TRUE);      /* USB Connect */

  while (1)
      __WFI();                                /* Loop forever */

#if defined(__IAR_SYSTEMS_ICC__)
void USBIRQ_IRQHandler(void)
void USB_IRQHandler(void)
Has anyone run this example code successfully on his LPCxpresso Board? I would appreciate any help to solve this Problem.