Updated to version 8, now cant debug

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by TVinto on Tue Dec 15 09:35:41 MST 2015

I have an LPC1837-Xplorer board and I am using that for the following...

I had version 7 running OK. ( have not used it in a couple of months )
I uninstalled 7 and then downloaded and installed the latest version 8 LPCExpresso yesterday.

I created a new workspace and imported all LPCOpen projects for "NXP LPC1837/LPC18S37 LPCXpresso board".  I downloaded a fresh copy yesterday too.

I built all and that went OK

I selected the periph_blinkey project and pressed the debug link in the quickstart panel.

That build OK but when it tries to load the CMSIS-DAP it times out.  ( sorry I dont have the exact dialog but my LPCExpresso is frozen and I dont want to re-boot just yet )

It offered to show a log file, but that looks more like a dump of random text ...like the program blew up.

I press "abort" when prompted.

LPCxpresso is frozen after that.

Not sure how to proceed.  Could there be something left behind from version 7 that needs to be cleaned up? ( I ran the uninstall.exe and then deleted the version 7 directory )

please help...
Thanks, Vint