Please help: Simple program using interrupt on LPC12xx

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by tbutuza on Thu May 12 11:01:04 MST 2011

I try to learn programming LPC1227.
Previously I could make simple programs for LPC1769 but I have almost no success with LPC1227.

I'd like to use interrupt for some simple tasks for example blinking a led by Systick or catch received characters from uart0 by interrupt.
When I do led blinking with loops, it works. So the compiler, downloader and my hardware seems ok. But when trying use interrupt, I have no success.
Unfortunately I did not found useful tutorial or good example programs for LPC12 on the Internet. Or, when I found something it is really hard to make it complete with libraries, makefile and linker script.

Please help me. I'd like to have a simple program that demonstrates using interrupt on LPC12 without any extra libraries.
I'd like to have a really easy to understand, simple (without extra libraries, CMSIS) but complete (all necessary headers, linker script, makefile) reproducible project.
The  rpgram should be compiled without using ide, just by command line gnu tools.

I'm using gnu compiler on Ubuntu 11.04 and using lpc21isp for programming the chip using its built-in bootloader.
I've patched the lpc21isp to program LPC1227, because originally it does not support it.

I use a custom board for LPC1227. It has nothing special.
The only significant features are the power regulator, quartz and a led tied to one pin (interfaced by a transistor)

Best regards,
Tamas Butuza