how does lpc-link host flash firmware

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I have a couple of lpcxpresso boards (2x lpc11c24 and lpc1769) that are programmed through an LPC3154, and I am wondering how LPC-Link does that.
If I look at the hardware, the host and slave are solely connected through a JTAG interface:

but the lpc11c24 user manual does not mention any JTAG compatibility. Should this be SWD interface?

But, more importantly, how does the firmware flashing actually work? Neither devices' user manual mentions any programming through JTAG. Either the in-system programming is done by the host through UART, or somehow the whole thing is programmed in-application, if I understand correctly. Can someone please explain what basically happens at the host-slave interface when I hit 'Debug [.....]' in the LPCXpresso IDE?