Multiple debug sessions on same PC

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by robert hulsebos on Fri Sep 04 02:54:10 MST 2015
I am using a MS-Windows 8.1 PC to debug a target board with two LPC1769 processors on it. Both processors are connected to the PC using LPC-Link2 probes. I am using LPCXpresso 7.9.0 - build 455.
Debugging one of the processor at a time works fine. But when I have two instances of LPCXpresso open, one for each processor, then starting a debug session for the second processor causes the first active debug session in the other LPCXpresso instance to crash. It does not matter on which processor I start debugging first...
When I use two different PCs to debug both processors at the same time, all works fine.  So it seams there is a problem in the driver software for LPC-Link2 ? It can not support 2 LPC-link probes at the same time?
I also tested the combination of 1 LPC-link2 and 1 LPC-link1 - same results.

FYI: The MS-Windows windows device manager reports that the LCP-LinkII UCom port driver (= \windows\system32\Drivers\usbser.sys) has version and is dated 21-nov-2014. So seems to be the latest version...

Any suggestions?