BUG FIX needed for entering ascii into memory view

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by cwpjr on Mon Feb 18 14:07:11 MST 2013
Hi When I use a memory view (rendering set to ascii or traditional) to enter ascii some characters are replaced with sp (EX: 1rst character entered) and some other characters are never accepted (EX: "+" character).

This happens entering into the memory cells on the left or the . . . . . . . .  on the right side of the rendering.

Also the endianess in the memory sectioin of all? renderings is opposite, which is confusing, especially when entering in . . . .  section of the view.

Wish List Item: When entering ascii I need and 'escape' mechanisn to enter hex, as in typing in a count byte before the ascii string. :>)

I am stuck debugging my app until this works, or I'll have to wait for a few HW spins to supply my own solution.

Any fixes would be helpful.

Thanks, Clyde