[solved]breakpoint : halt only main program, not ISR

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by lg_inetyx on Wed Jan 21 03:48:21 MST 2015
Hello !

Recently, I've come to an issue I don't have a workaround for yet...

I am currently developping a motor driver - this implies an ISR called periodically to setup a timer PWM according to a sine table.
Until here, no big deal...

However, this is not the only code in the application, and I need to setup some breakpoints in the main while the motor is running (ie the isr is still fired).

Unfortunately, if I use a breakpoint, the ISR won't be triggered, the timer won't be updated, which means my PWM ratio will remain the same, which means unwanted current in the motor, which leads to the destruction of my power electronics :(.

Has anybody ever had the same issue ? Which workaround did you use* ?