Trouble Downloading Example Project to LPCXplorer4330

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by nsacks on Mon Mar 04 14:24:39 MST 2013

I am a Robotics/Electrical and Computering Engineering Major, and I am trying to download an example project to the LPCXplorer4330's M4 Core. The project in question is NXP's Example_VirtualSerialDevice from NXPUSBlib. I have successfully linked the project to NXPUSBlib and a project with the drivers for the M4 Core. All projects compile with 0 errors and 0 warnings, and all projects are configured to the 43xx M4 core. I am able to enter debug mode; however, whenever I try to download the code to the M4 core over JTAG I am given the following error:

"05: File 'Example_VirtualSerialDevice.axf' load failure: Eg(10). Attempt to load into missing flash area."

I am unsure how to solve this issue. For reference I have attached a screenshot of my JTAG download window.

I would appreciate any feedback/help to solve this issue, as using the example echo server is critical to my current project.