Cannot debug when connecting LPCxpresso 1343 to EA Base Board

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by perra_e on Mon Jan 27 03:27:51 MST 2014
I have Red Suite NXP Edition 256k that I'm trying to upgrade to LPCOpen  2.05.

When I use Red Suit I have no problem to debug when my LPC1343 is connecrted to EA Base Board, but in LPCXpresso the debugger is hanging when trying to connect to the target.
When I remove the LPCXpreso LPC1343 board from AE's Base Board the debugging works fine.

i have connected both the LPCExpresso board and the Base Board to a powerd USB-hub.
I have tried to remove the 3.3V connection between the LPCExpresso board and the Base Board, since all I have fond points at there is not enought power, but it didn't help.

Any sugestions?

It would be nice to be able to upgrade since there is no support for the LPC1347 in Red Suit, and I would like to keep the development platform up to date.

--Per Eklund