Lpc11c24 uart

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by urb4nm on Mon Feb 18 04:03:01 MST 2013
I'm not-so-advanced in this kind of programming, and I've stumbled upon a minor problem.

I have to write a code for LPC11C24 to work with CO2 sensor using MODBUS protocol. No interrupts, just a simple write read sequence. I've got UART set correctly (done it before). What I need is to send a sequence, eg. {0xFE, 0x00,...} and read similar sequence back. I've tried to use something I've done before

void uart_send_byte(const uint8_t byte)
  while(!(LPC_UART->LSR & 0x20));
  LPC_UART->THR = byte;

for each byte of the sequence, but then it looks like there's nothing to receive. The thing is I don't know whether I messed up the sending, or receiving as I don't really know how to print output in console... This may sound like a noobish problem, and in fact it kind of is, but any help would be deeply appreciated...