variable not refeshed or updated sync (without build)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by riscy00 on Sun Jan 26 04:28:08 MST 2014
When I add new variable name within enum, typedef struct or just variable and so on (I call it symbol). I inserted variable/symbol in elsewhere but does not change to blue nor recognised, nor include symbol in the list (when hover on above symbol).

Most complier has automatic refresh or updated when new symbol is added. This IDE does not. To get it updated I had to rebuild which is not ideal way to do this because I have not finish coding and would generate complier error (and stop processing code/update symbol table?).

I looked into "update", "refresh" in help but did not gave any correct answer that make sense.

below is an example


I had to manually insert RotaryState and ALPS_Neutral symbol after change within enum and typedef struct in header filename or other code filename because the symbol table is not updated. It is annoying to type manually.