LPC1765 moving FreeRTOS heap to RamAHB32.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Bill@medsignals.com on Mon May 05 11:26:11 MST 2014
I recently started getting "ramloc32 overflowed by xxbytes" messages which lead to the discovery that my project is only properly utilizing the first 32kB of ram.  I found the code red page describing the enhanced linker scripts but haven't been successful in moving data to RAM2 (RamAHB32).  I am aware that this ram block is shared with ethernet and usb on some models but the 1765 does not have ethernet and we are not using usb.


I would like to move the FreeRTOS heap to RAM2 to free up a lot of space on RamLoc32 all at once.

/* Allocate the memory for the heap.  The struct is used to force byte
alignment without using any non-portable code. */
static union xRTOS_HEAP
#if portBYTE_ALIGNMENT == 8
volatile portDOUBLE dDummy;
volatile unsigned long ulDummy;
unsigned char ucHeap[ configTOTAL_HEAP_SIZE ];
} xHeap __BSS(RAM2);

When I try assigning the freertos heap to RAM2 using the macro from cr_section_macros.h the result is hard fault errors.

I think moving the FreeRTOS heap is the best solution but I am open to suggestions.

Lastly the code red page mentions moving the heap and stack to ramAHB32 using a linker script template.  Is this the same as the heap for FreeRTOS or is there a heap for the chip and another heap for the OS?