IDE 5.1.2 Can't Find LPC-Link

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by MikeSimmonds on Thu Feb 21 08:17:44 MST 2013
[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=2]I have installed LPCXpresso 5.1.2 in parallel with 5.1.0 (WinXP Pro SP3)
I have given it its own work space and a separate copy of a project.
(Identical source/Makefile/Linker script, but a separate directory.)
I imported the 'Makefile Project' (File/New/Project); Set the MCU 1778.

When I attempt to debug, it can't find any emulators (debug adapters)

My usual ploy of unplugging the USB cable and re-inserting did not work.

Closing 5.1.2 and opening 5.1.0; debug works as usual (emulator found etc.)

Was there something I should have done (that doesn't seem to be documented
anywhere) or is this an 'issue' with 5.1.2?

I checked with ProcessExplorer from SystemInternals, no 'starter' or 'crt-...' processes
(or another LPCXpresso) were hanging about from a previous run (of either IDE).

As I only use the IDE for debugging, this is a bit of a bugger. (Pun intended.)