Clearing a bit in SYSAHBCLKCTRL

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ECamino on Mon Mar 11 07:00:02 MST 2013

I'm working with LPC1347.  I'm  having trouble with IAP call for bootloading.  It's intermittent even after disabling all peripheral timers.  I think the problem is my USART.  I would like to turn off/disable the previously enabled USART peripheral. 

Stepping through and watching SYSCON.  I see that both these lines of code disables ALL the bits in SYSAHBCLKCTRL, except SYS (b0).
[SIZE=2]I just want to clear SYSAHBCLKCTRL b12.  Why doesn't the code above work and how do you clear a single bit in SYSAHBCLKCTRL?[/SIZE]