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Content originally posted in LPCWare by cojanprins on Tue Mar 17 04:14:27 MST 2015
I want to add some checking at the heap. I have placed the heap in external SD RAM using linker script (not managed script). I would like lines like:

    PROVIDE(_pvHeapStart = DEFINED(__user_heap_base) ? __user_heap_base : __start_SDRAM_HEAP);
    PROVIDE(_pvHeapLimit = DEFINED(__user_heap_XXXX) ? __user_heap_XXXX : __top_SDRAM_HEAP);

My question: which global name is available for the "end-of-heap" (instead of __user_heap_XXXX)?

Can it be done in this way?

Heap is running correctly in external SDRAM.

Thanks in advance