Using LPCxpresso and Flash Magic with LPCxpress43S37

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by riccardoventrella on Mon Mar 16 08:28:45 MST 2015

I'm evaluating the LPC43S37 MCU to become my new reference MCU to be used for my future works ( if any ).
Actually I've installed a free LPCxpresso IDE version, which compiles happily no matter the code size, but of course
doesn't let me to flash apps > 256Kb.
Even trying with the simplest TCP server, the stripped code overflow the 400Kb, meaning I should buy a Pro version.
I'm not avoiding it a priori, for the future, but now I'd need something to test the MCU without investing to much money.

I'm not scared to avoid debugging, since I usually work in Windows with OutputDebugString and printf under Linux, so
having a working it's not mandatory to me.

So, I see you can use flash magic to upload the code LPCxpresso in building, directly using UART with ISP.

Now the point ( sorry if too noob ): I've seen the LPCxpress43S37 eval board has a FTDI UART connector.
Is this theoretically possible to use it to flash my code with Flash Magic?

Are there better or more standard ways to do it?

Thanks for your support.