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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ivitro on Tue Oct 18 07:59:55 MST 2011
Hello guy I newer on LPCxpresso 1114, and I have some questions

I try change the example blink code,

what I does was,

configure 5 output in port2:

    GPIOSetDir(2, 4, 1);
    GPIOSetDir(2, 5, 1);
    GPIOSetDir(2, 6, 1);
    GPIOSetDir(2, 7, 1);
    GPIOSetDir(2, 8, 1);

but when I do example GPIOSetValue(2, 4, 1); or GPIOSetValue(2, 4, 0); noting happen pin4 continue in hight state but led continue blinky...

Second question is, how can I change clock?

it comes by default 48Mhz, but I want it run 2Mhz.

So, I grateful for help.