Changing the clock frecuency for the LPC1227

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I built a board of my own featuring the LPC1227 uC and it's using a 10 MHz crystal. This uC runs at 30 MHz, so with such a crystal I planned to achieve its maximum frecuency.

The CMSIS code, as is, only allows 12 MHz crystals, so I've needed to tweak the "system_LPC122x.c" file. After doing so I've just got the uC runs at 20 MHz:

//#define __XTAL                12000000
#define __XTAL                10000000
//#define SYSPLLCLKSEL_Val      0x00000000
#define SYSPLLCLKSEL_Val      0x00000001

Also, if I change this line:

#define SYSAHBCLKDIV_Val      0x00000001  // <-- 20 MHz

for this one:

#define SYSAHBCLKDIV_Val      0x00000002 // <-- 10 MHz

I get 10 MHz, so I'm pretty shure I need to change a constant so that the 10 MHz crystal frecuency is multiplied  three times, but I have no idea which one, any ideas?

Thank you!!