Cortex-M0 vs ARM7TDMI

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by halhertani on Wed Oct 12 08:14:48 MST 2011
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how the Cortex-M0 cores stacks up to the ARM7TDMI core performance wise. I realize that the Cortex-M0 is much more power efficient and via the Dhrystone Benchmark it beats the ARM7TDMI (Cortex-M0: 0.9DMIPS/MHz vs ARM7TDMI: 0.7DMIPS/MHz) but I have not seen any coremark benchmarking for the ARM7TDMI.

Since the ARM7 core runs powerful 32-bit ARM instructions as well as 16-bit thumb instructions, I'd imagine that the performance coremark benchmark for the ARM7 would be higher than that of the corex-M0, even if it comes at the cost of code density.

Any thoughts on this matter would be appreciated!