LPC1343 QuickStart USB connectivity problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by bitli on Sun Oct 16 12:33:09 MST 2011
I cannot get an LPC 1343 QuickStart board (from Embedded Artists) to connect as an HID device to Windows.  I have reduced the program to a simple test that work well with the LCPXpresso board (equipped with a SoftConnect addition) but results in an Unrecognized Device on the quick start board (programmed via a 'cut' LCPXpresso LPC Link. The QuickStart is powered by the USB (as it does not receive the power from the LPC Link).
I have tried the following variations:
[*]Replaced the USB cable
[*]Windows XP and Vista (same result)
[*]Added a wait of 2 seconds before asserting USB SoftConnect after reset. (The green led for soft connect is turned on when expected).
[*]Tried a second board.
[*]Tried with another VendorId/ProductId than the 'Nxp demo' one.
The program behave as expected when run on the LpxExpresso 1343 board (it connects and is recongized as an HID device and data can be exchanged).

I ran out of idea of things to try. Any clue ?

-- bitli