LPC1227, System Clockout ever 12MHz

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by UKlakow on Tue Oct 04 15:39:00 MST 2011
Hello, sorry bevor, i am a german and my english is i lttel bit poor!

i have same problems with the system clock and clockout.
the orginal file: "system_LPC122x.c" have follow settings for system clock:[SIZE=2]
             #define SYSPLLCLKSEL_Val      0x00000001[/SIZE][SIZE=2]
             #define SYSPLL_SETUP             1[/SIZE][SIZE=2]
             #define SYSPLLCTRL_Val          0x00000041        // request: 0x.....24[/SIZE][SIZE=2]
[/SIZE][SIZE=2]             #define SYSAHBCLKDIV_Val    0x00000001        // requested 2[/SIZE][SIZE=2][/SIZE][SIZE=2]
             #define CLKOUTCLKSEL_Val    0x00000003        // original value: 0[/SIZE]

if a change the SysPLLCTRL to 0x.......24 then the debuger told me: No source availible!
and also the board is not running (checked by my osillosscop)
the other the original value shut gennerate a clock from 24MHz, a tray to put out this signal on Clockout pin, unfortunately i say only 12Mhz at the outout.

best regards, U.Klakow