CDC_BulkIn in USB CDC Example?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ktownsend on Mon Jan 10 03:46:50 MST 2011
I've been trying to get the USB CDC example working dependably, and the only way I've found so far is a shameless hack that's too slow and ugly for production use.

The board instantiates properly as a USB CDC device, and receiving data on the LPC1343 works fine (CDC_BulkOut in cdcuser.c), but CDC_BulkIn never seems to get called by itself to send buffered data out. The only 'solution' I've found is the following, which requires a huge delay to work:

extern void usbcdcSendByte(uint8_t c)
  // Massive ugly delay required
  uint32_t i, delay;
  delay = ((CFG_CPU_CCLK/SCB_SYSAHBCLKDIV) / 25000);
  for ( i = 0; i < delay; i++ )
  // Send byte to EP
  USB_WriteEP (CDC_DEP_IN, (unsigned char *)&c, 1);
  CDC_DepInEmpty = 1;

Without the delay and manually writing to the EP, the output drops about 80% of the characters, but with the delay it's too hopelessly slow to do anything useful. Is there something evident I should be doing to get CDC_BulkIn to fire automatically, check the buffer and send data out by itself?

I would have expected to just make a buffer (instead of UART in the sample code), write to the buffer as required, and BulkIn would fire to output the buffered data on a regular basis. Obviously I've completely misunderstood how CDC_BulkIn works, but where should this method be called from then or when would be the appropriate time to check and empty buffered data into the EP?