Help with LPC11C24 C_CAN controller

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i am a newbie with the NXP Cortex Type processor and NXP LPCxpresso 11C24 board, but i am interesting in this LPCxpresso boards.
Now i am trying to run the CAN Bus on my LPCxpresso 11C24 board.
I would like to use the C_CAN controller (according chapter 13 from the manual) and not the C_CAN ON-chip driver.
I could realized that the LED turned on when ANY CAN message received on the CAN Bus.
When i received a CAN Message i read following:
LPC_CAN->STAT & (1<<4)
That is the RXOK Bit that turned to HIGH when i message received.
I see that also in the debug mode on the CAN Periphery.
But were are the message information (like ID, MSG, DLC etc)
I think the "CAN Initialization procedure is OK, otherwise the RXOK bit would not work.

Have anybody a idea were the problem is?

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