va_list FreeRTOS thread-safe with critical region?

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Hi, everyone!
Please, look at this piece of code:
uint_fast8_t syslog_write(SysLogRecordType type, const signed char * const threadname, const char *fmt, ...)
    /* whatever */
    char string[SYSLOG_MAXLINE] = {0};


    va_list args;
    va_start(args, fmt);
    length = format_string(string, sizeof string, type, threadname, fmt, args);


    /* whatever (add to queue) */

Where format_string():
static size_t format_string(char *buffer, size_t size, SysLogRecordType type, const char * const threadname, const char *fmt, va_list args)
       /* whatever */

       vsnprintf(buffer, size, fmt, args);

       /* whatever */

If syslog_write() called from 1 task - no problems
If syslog_write() called from 2 or more preemptive tasks, than it cause BusFault  CFSR = 0x8200 (PRECISERR | BFARVALID) and BFAR = 0x201A8C0 which is outside of memory map.
If I replace vprintf with, for instance, sprintf("hello") than it works perfect. Only printf with va_list as arguments cause an error.
When I run this code under debugger I see last instruction before fault is in main() which has already exec. Probably something wrong with pointers inside vprintf. 
0000ee08 <vsnprintf>:
    ee08:    b5f0          push    {r4, r5, r6, r7, lr}
    ee0a:    b08f          sub    sp, #60; 0x3c
    ee0c:    4606          mov    r6, r0
    ee0e:    460c          mov    r4, r1
    ee10:    4615          mov    r5, r2
    ee12:    2100          movs    r1, #0
    ee14:    2228          movs    r2, #40; 0x28
    ee16:    a804          add    r0, sp, #16
    ee18:    461f          mov    r7, r3
    ee1a:    f001 f94d     bl    100b8 <memset>
    ee1e:    230a          movs    r3, #10
    ee20:    9307          str    r3, [sp, #28]
    ee22:    f06f 4300     mvn.w    r3, #2147483648; 0x80000000
    ee26:    9306          str    r3, [sp, #24]
    ee28:    4b0d          ldr    r3, [pc, #52]; (ee60 <vsnprintf+0x58>)
    ee2a:    9604          str    r6, [sp, #16]
    ee2c:    2600          movs    r6, #0
    ee2e:    1e62          subs    r2, r4, #1
    ee30:    9302          str    r3, [sp, #8]
    ee32:    a804          add    r0, sp, #16
    ee34:    4633          mov    r3, r6
    ee36:    9500          str    r5, [sp, #0]
    ee38:    9701          str    r7, [sp, #4]
    ee3a:    f000 f9e9     bl    f210 <__vfprintf>
    ee3e:    9b06          ldr    r3, [sp, #24]
    ee40:    4604          mov    r4, r0
    ee42:    3b01          subs    r3, #1
    ee44:    42b3          cmp    r3, r6
    ee46:    9306          str    r3, [sp, #24]
    ee48:    db02          blt.n    ee50 <vsnprintf+0x48>
    ee4a:    9b04          ldr    r3, [sp, #16]
    ee4c:    701e          strb    r6, [r3, #0]
    ee4e:    e003          b.n    ee58 <vsnprintf+0x50>
    ee50:    4630          mov    r0, r6
    ee52:    a904          add    r1, sp, #16
    ee54:    f001 f954     bl    10100 <__flsbuf>
    ee58:    4620          mov    r0, r4
    ee5a:    b00f          add    sp, #60; 0x3c
    ee5c:    bdf0          pop    {r4, r5, r6, r7, pc}
    ee5e:    bf00          nop
    ee60:    0000e4f1     .word    0x0000e4f1

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