HardFault_Handler when printf() is enabled in LPC1114 LPCXpresso (Eclipse)

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Hi everyone

Playing around with such a board in order to get aquantaint with ARM-Cortex (I've also used LPC2129, LPC2103, etc.) my program crashes whenever I enable the next option (in "driver_config.h" file):


The project is very simple, I just followed the instruction for starting a fresh "template" one. If I disable that option the program runs (led blinks); if I don't, then the program is catch with that exception. I copied for you the stack, so it may help:

[FONT=Courier New]Thread [1] (Suspended: Signal 'SIGSTOP' received. Description: Stopped (signal).)
7 HardFault_Handler() cr_startup_lpc11.c:338 0x000001e0
6 <signal handler called>()  0xfffffff9
5 <symbol is not available> 0x1000002c
4 _fdopen()  0x00000a82
3 _initio()  0x000009c2
2 __main()  0x00000978
1 ResetISR() cr_startup_lpc11.c:313 0x000001ca[/FONT]

Maybe I need to set some other option in order printf() to work. Also I guess this is the CMSIS release I've attached to the project:

[FONT=Courier New]* @file     core_cm0.h
* @brief    CMSIS Cortex-M0 Core Peripheral Access Layer Header File
* @version  V1.30
* @date     30. October 2009[/FONT]

Any help would be very appreciated, and thank you in advanced. Kind regards.