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I´m trying to implement CAN on lpc1769. I´ve configured the CAN controller in local self test mode. I´ve connected the TD1 and RD1 through a 1K resistor to simulate a transceiver, but I´m not receiving interrupts for reception. I´ve attached the code below. Can anyone please help me sort this out?

Thank You in advance

#include "LPC17xx.h¨
unsigned int rxBuffer[2];

void canTx(unsigned int id, unsigned int datalen, unsigned int a[])
    unsigned int len;

    while(!(LPC_CAN1->SR & 0b0100));
    LPC_CAN1->TFI1= (datalen<<16);       //to set the DLC

    LPC_CAN1->TID1= id;                 //to set the message id

    LPC_CAN1->TDA1 = a[0];             //data
    LPC_CAN1->TDB1 = a[1];

    LPC_CAN1->CMR |= 0b1;

void CAN_IRQHandler(void)
    unsigned int status;

    case 1: rxBuffer[0]=LPC_CAN1->RDA;
            LPC_CAN1->CMR |= (1<<2);

    case 0b10: break;



int main(void) {
unsigned int data[]={0xaa, 0xbb}, test;
LPC_SC->PCONP |= (1<<13);
LPC_PINCON->PINSEL0 |=(0b0101);

LPC_CAN1->MOD=0b01;           //to set in reset mode
LPC_CAN1->MOD |= 0b000100;  //to set the self test bit
test = LPC_CAN1->MOD;

LPC_CAN1->CMR=0b00110000;     //stb1 selected and self reception enabled

LPC_CAN1->IER = 0b001;        //ri enabled

LPC_CAN1->MOD &= ~(0b1);      //setting the can in operating mode

LPC_CANAF->AFMR = 0b10;      //AF in bypass mode

while ( !(LPC_CAN1->GSR & (1 << 3)) );
canTx(0x00, 8, data);