Breakpoints on ARM7 LPC2378

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I have looked around - but I want to be sure what I am seeing is correct?

I'm working with a company that has a product based on an LPC2378 ARM7. For the past three years I've been using their IAR tools with the J-Link debugger.
Four of us have been assigned to a code re-write project for this processor.We decided on your tools because we could compile up the 256K of code for free
and we could work off site without licensing issues. After porting a small project and upgrading to FreeRTOS 7.6 we first got bitten by your LPC-LINK2 debugger
not working with ARM7. So We got a Red Probe+ (1 so far) to see how it would work.

It appears that LPCXpresso (Code Red) and the Red Probe+ only support 2 breakpoints on ARM7. Is that really correct? One breakpoint is used for Run Until main()
option and one is used for single-step? If you set one more breakpoint you start getting messages about: unable to set an execution break

Is this really true?? How in the world will we ever be able to debug a project with multiple threads and interrupt level code?

This has not been an issue with IAR - they seem to have resolved it with the J-Link debugger pod.
Is there a reason you will not support this debugger? If not, then your tool is not going to work for serious projects.