NXP! Can we use CMSIS drivers?

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This is from the header of the CMSIS driver files (for example lpc17xx_uart.h)

00009  * Software that is described herein is for illustrative purposes only
00010  * which provides customers with programming information regarding the
00011  * products. This software is supplied "AS IS" without any warranties.
00012  * NXP Semiconductors assumes no responsibility or liability for the
00013  * use of the software, conveys no license or title under any patent,
00014  * copyright, or mask work right to the product. NXP Semiconductors
00015  * reserves the right to make changes in the software without
00016  * notification. NXP Semiconductors also make no representation or
00017  * warranty that such application will be suitable for the specified
00018  * use without further testing or modification.
00019  **************************************************************************/
I think it would be nice to clear what this means.
Can I use these codes in my business for internally used appliance?
Can I use these codes in commercial products?
For one part, it saves a lot of typing, and with initializaton types and config types I quite like these codes, and if I can use these I won't develop code that is not as beautiful CMSIS drivers. I know that I have to test and debug these codes as well.

I get the part about NXP not taking responsibility, that is totally understandable. But what about this sentence?

NXP Semiconductors [...] conveys no license or title under any patent, copyright, or mask work right to the product.

What does 'convey' mean here? Transmit? NXP does not grant us right to use these drivers?
Because I've purchased LPCXpresso development kit especially because of the nice drivers. I've read at some places that these are free to use.
For example:

The beautiful thing is that NXP does not place copyright protection on any of the files in here


So now I'm a little bit confused...

Thanks for your help!