PC not able to detect LPCxpresso1769/CD eval board (OM13085)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ally.amir on Wed Apr 27 20:23:06 MST 2016
Hi ,
I got a LPCxpresso1769/CD evaluation board (part number : OM13085, Rev D) and I am not able to get my PC to detect the eval board.
My setup (refer to attached pdf file)
1.PC running Windows 10 Home edition OS
2.LPCXpresso v7.6.2_325
3.PC is Lenovo Yoga 700

I tried using LPCXpresso v8.1.4 and I face the same issue as well. I have switch USB ports and cables and issue still remains.

The issue seems like the PC device manager is not “seeing” the eval board, hence not able to communicate with it.

Do I need to get correct USB driver? If so, can kindly provide me the link?
if not driver related, what other options can I use to fix the issue..

Please help and thank you for your attention…