Setting Divisor for Uart0- LPC1317 - 64P

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1. On setting divisor of uart0,  an algo is given on page 223 of user manual. By this algo I have
a    LPC_USART->DLM = 0;
    LPC_USART->DLL = 52;
    LPC_USART->FDR = 0x21;

b. However if I write
    LPC_USART->DLM = 0;
    LPC_USART->DLL = 78;
     LPC_USART->FDR = 0x10;         // default value, don't change

Both leads to my desired baud rate. But second one is not acc to algo given. Is it right  to follow second one, as this maintain more of general approach for my program as FDR has default value.

2. There are four pins each for RXD & tXD.

a. RXD- 0.18,1.14,1.17,1.26
b. Txd- 0.19,1.13,1.18,1.27

Can I select 0.18 pin as rxd & 1.27 as txd. Or pin rxd & txd should be choosen according to pin like 0.18 with 0.19 only & 1.13 with 1.14 only