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setting breakpoint

Discussion created by Dileep Kumar on May 27, 2008
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Hi, I am working on MPC8555 processor and trying to debug Uboot code using
USBTAP and Code Warrior. Could you please tell me how to set break point in the source code? I tried the steps given in the Code Warrior help.
Also I tried to check by creating a EPPC project for MPC8555 processor with EABI linker .
I set one break point at the main function .But the problem is , the execution is not breaking at that point. I made these settings.... Under the "Debugger setting" , I checked the "stop on application launch" and the option button
"user specified" and inside the text box I wrote "main". Also I created a software break point inside the main function. After making all these sattings,I gave command for debug> attach to process. After pressing "break" button, the execution stops at __init_data function in the file " __ppc_eabi_init.c"

What changes I need to make such that the execution will break
at "main"

Dileep Kumar