"interresting behaviour" of LPCXpresso V5.0.10_1066

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Powerfreak on Sat Nov 17 08:23:45 MST 2012
Testing the new version 5 since a few days I found a behaviour of V5 which is different to V4.3.0_1023.

One of my header-files, a config.h with app 1000 lines of defines and comments is prepared as every header file.
(number of lines in brackets)

The header includes as standard:
(41) #ifndef _CONFIG_H
(42) #define _CONFIG_H
(1044) #endif

With V5 the lines including 41 till 1044 are light grey indicating that the "#ifndef"  is already defined, which is not the truth.
In V4 and V3.x this is NOT the case, everything is "white"

If I change @ V5 to #ifdef the grey is turning into normal white

If I do this with V4, the behaviour is vice versa, everything is white as normal or is getting grey with the #ifdef.

Even if grey at V5: the compiler is doing the 1000 lines as usual, no faulty behaviour... no difference from V4 to V5

Any hints?