LPC1788 CPU/LCDC SDRAM Arbitration?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by raimond on Fri Oct 28 07:00:12 MST 2011
Hi all!

I have a little problem with a board of mine with a LPC1788 + SDRAM + 7" TFT display. This board is just an upgrade of a previous one that had a LPC2478 mcu.

the problem is: when the lcd controller is working, refreshing data from the SDRAM, the CPU cannot access the SDRAM. It simply blocks on a SDRAM access and then only the reset button is working :-(

The CPU can access the SDRAM with no problem as long as the lcd controller is not working. Also, the lcd controller refreshes the TFT with no problem. Only when both CPU and the LCDC want to access the SDRAM at the same time the microcontroller blocks.

Anyone knowing something?

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