Object format by LPCXpresso IDE

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Thucydides on Tue Oct 19 02:24:18 MST 2010
Today I got LPCXpresso1768 and its baseboard of Embedded Artists.
I tried some execution on the board it's quite nice I liked it.
By the way I have a question about object format generated by LPCXpresso IDE.
I think LPCXpresso is originally designed to download object using LPC-Link.
But I want to try to download using Flash Magic by NXP or J-Flash ARM by Segger.
So far I see there writing tools, they seem to only support .hex as object format.
So is it possible to generate .hex object not .axf by LPCXPresso?
I would be glad if someone give me information, since I'm really novice for it.