Audio rate sampling on lpc1343

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by RPrice on Mon Nov 05 09:07:33 MST 2012

  I'm doing audio rate sampling on the lpc1343, I have a piece of test code that samples the input and sends it back out unaltered to a DAC connected by SPI. It works fairly well but I have quiet high frequency whine that I think is due to sampling noise on the input, it looks like a square wave on the output even when I'm sampling silence (input flat at 1.5 v).

  I think the internal capacitor on the ADC isn't charging quick enough and is the source of the noise. This points to a source impedance problem on my circuit.

  My question is has anyone had any success sampling at 22khz at the full 12 bit resolution offered by the lpc1343?