How not to anger the gods (registration)?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Luis Digital on Thu Sep 30 06:51:16 MST 2010
Hello CodeRed,

I  remembered that my license problems started after uninstalling some  software packages, such as Ekiga (VoIP), and some associated libraries.

So I generated another activation code license and my problems have disappeared.

[*]How to keep the system happy or how it works?

[*]Is there usually a new code every time I install / uninstall a program or changing any hardware?

[*]Could you make the licensing system less problematic?

I think the system should be simpler and less problematic, since for example LPCXpresso (hardware) has a unique serial number.

Breaking the barrier of 8KB might be the best idea. It is assumed that the registration is for people who purchase an advanced version of CodeRed IDE, personalized support, etc.

Thank you.